New88_Direction The Most Basic Online Cockfighting Instructions for Beginners

The online entertainment and betting market is growing more and more strongly, so the number of people looking for online cockfighting instructions is also increasing. If you are also interested in this field, you definitely cannot miss the article below New88today!

Rules of online cockfighting

When viewing instructions online cockfighting First, you need to understand the rules of the game and the general regulations of this type of entertainment. Maybe then you can make the most correct judgments about this genre. To win in every cockfighting game, you need to understand the basic rules including:

Betting options

Most cockfighting enthusiasts are passionate about betting. Instructions for online cockfighting you can bet on one of the following:

  • Meron: For this bet, players will place money on the bookie’s bets. The bettors will win if the overall winner is the house.
  • Wali: Contrary to those who bet on the house on Meron, if you predict that the player’s cock will win then bet on Wali.
  • BDD: If the result of the house and the player is predicted to be a tie, then you bet on this bet.

Match format

  • American cockfighting: The extremely battle-hardened American bantams will bring players a lively and especially entertaining atmosphere.
  • Knife cockfighting: This is a form of cockfighting that brings the most tense and attractive arena atmosphere. Because the already aggressive chickens are now equipped with extremely sharp, highly lethal weapons, the battle is fierce, attracting 100% of the viewer’s attention.
  • Peruvian cockfighting: The very brave Peruvian cockfighting cocks also promise to bring intense battles and often have quite high betting odds.
  • Breed cockfighting: This form of cockfighting is not as popular as other types, but it still has its own appeal and the number of people participating in betting on each fight is not small.

Each cockfighting match usually lasts 10 minutes, players can choose to bet directly during these 10 minutes or bet before the match takes place. New players will have the opportunity to participate in free matches to gain experience and grasp combat information.

Instructions for online cockfighting through simple steps

Those who are just starting to learn and participate in online cockfighting certainly do not have much experience and will be confused during the betting process. So instructions for online cockfighting are essential for new players. Mastering the basic steps will help you speed up your playing speed and place bets properly. Specifically:

Step 1: Identify the dealer

Identifying a reputable online cockfighting address for yourself is the first important thing. It is necessary to consult many bookmakers to choose a suitable address because this will be the place to accompany you throughout the process of entertainment and making money. You won’t have to worry about any issues about fairness or safety if you choose the right house.

Step 2: Log in

Before logging in, you must register for the house account you have chosen. The most accurate guide to online cockfighting is to log in to your account after confirming your personal information via text message or email. Do exactly as the system instructs and provide accurate information to speed up the login process and save time.

Step 3. Find out information

It is necessary to find out information about the team, including: The competition history of the fighting cocks, the achievements of the cockmasters, and the fighting performance of the “warriors” in recent matches.

Step 4. Place bets

Based on the online cockfighting guide about betting windows and types of betting. At the same time, combine with the information you have learned above to make the most accurate prediction about the result of the next match.

Step 5: Wait for results

After you have finished placing your bet, you just need to follow the match via your phone or any device with an online cockfighting betting account logged in, watch online anywhere, the match is over and you If you win, your bonus will be automatically added, if you lose, your bet will be deducted.
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Tips to increase your winning rate when betting on online cockfighting

  • Choose to bet on chickens with dark feather colors because such chickens have good health and high fighting ability.
  • You should not choose cocks that often focus on finding prey around the area, which proves that they do not have much concentration for the match.


So, above is the most basic and accurate online cockfighting guide for new bettors.New88 Hopefully you will have accurate predictions while participating in cockfighting betting to bring home the most attractive rewards.

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