Scales of the Spirit Armor – 3 Criteria for Evaluating the Strength of Fighting Chickens

The scales are one of the factors to evaluate whether your cock is a god cock or a spirit cock or not. Because this is a breed of scales that only appears in rare lines of fighting chickens and they often have extremely toxic fighting moves. The following article in MB66 cockfighting section will help you better understand this rare chicken scale.
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Learn about hyacinth scales

The chicken’s scales are a unique feature that only appears in the type of chicken. They can give cocks the ability to strike extremely cleverly and cruelly, especially in the final moves. For this reason, cocks that possess this type of scale will always be sought after by cockfighters. 

Dead spirit armor scales The identifying characteristic is that the scale will appear starting from the finger, going straight up and touching the two armors, then it closes right at the spur position of the inner row and opens its mouth to hold the pearl right at this position. This is an identification point that is quite difficult to recognize by eye if you are an inexperienced chicken player. 

In matches, this scaled cock often creates unique strategies by letting the opponent take 1 or 2 moves first. From later moves, when they start to give kicks, the opponent often has to give up due to the difficulty in dealing with the delicate and effective attacks of this cock.

The fighting strength of the chicken with the scales of Linh Gia Tu

It is no coincidence that many cockfighters in the cockfighting world honor the title “Small but mighty” for fighting cocks possessing this type of scale. Other opponents often seem worried when facing this type of chicken because their strength makes all opponents afraid. 

What makes them so special that they become such a great threat to any opponent? Let’s join MB66. Learn about the true power of fighting chickens below to better understand the power of chickens possessing this special scale. 

Speed ​​fighting style

The confrontational style of the Linh Gia Tu chicken is highly appreciated by many experienced cockers because of its agility and danger of extremely accurate kicks. Listening to this, it can be seen that the attack speed and strength of this type of chicken is especially terrible, other opponents cannot withstand it. 

Chicken scales are very bloody

When facing a cock with this type of scales, opponents will have to face hardships and try to defend themselves. They will have to spend a lot of energy to avoid powerful and high-speed attacks in fights. direct. In fact, there are fighting cocks that cannot stand up after the spectacular kick of this rare and unique chicken. 

During the match, they often show aggression, creating confusion for their opponents. With this personality, the type of fighting chicken that possesses the hyena scales is considered a formidable enemy of regular fighting chicken breeds. Thanks to that, cockfighters always want to own such a fighting cock. 

Fought hard

The hyena-scaled chickens do not hesitate to fight and are willing to sacrifice their lives to bring victory to their owners. Their fighting spirit is shown through their determination to fight until their last breath, not afraid of death when confronted.
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With this spirit, these rare scaled chickens are considered a symbol of tenacity and courage in the cockfighting world. Therefore, they are the object that cockfighters desire to breed more durable and resilient fighting cocks.

Are chickens with hyacinth scales really good for fighting?

Evaluating the quality of fighting cocks with hyacinth scales is really not an easy task for cockmasters. Because it depends on many different factors such as opponents, care regimen and training. The decision to buy a fighting chicken cannot be based solely on whether it has scales or not, but must also consider the overall appearance of the chicken.

The cock’s ability to fight is more important than just looking at the scales. An ugly chicken with good fighting ability can outperform a beautiful chicken with poor fighting ability. Watching clips of the chicken’s movements and behavior, as well as looking at the parent’s lineage, is important to make the correct decision.

Remember, having hyacinth scales will not guarantee that the cock will fight well. They are just one of the factors and depend a lot on the style of each chicken. However, finding chickens with this type of scale is not easy to find and may just be a rare phenomenon.

The above content is information about hydrangea scales in rare chicken breeds. Hopefully the recent MB66 cockfighting column will help you better understand the characteristics and fighting style of this fighting cock. From there you can know if they are really suitable for your cockfighting sessions. 

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