The Best Cat Litter Mat

Cat owners don’t like to step on litter left behind by their cats after they use the cat commode. Cat litter mats are a great way to collect litter. While some litter mats are safe to use, not all can. We tested 19 litter mats, and the Grilla Grip Cat Litter Trapping Matt was the best. It traps litter particles and makes it easy to use for cats.

The Cat Litter Trapping Mat captures fine grain litter more efficiently than other mats and is also more comfortable. There are seven sizes and nearly twenty colors available so you can choose the best mat for your litter box. It is more difficult to clean up the mat’s messes than other mats due to its tight coils. Skip this mat if your cat is known for making a mess.

If you’re less concerned about litter scatter and more worried about sticky messes such as vomit or diarrhea, the PetFusion Cat Mat is a better option. The mat is easy-to-clean and has raised lines that reduce litter scatter. The mat does not trap litter, so it is less effective than other mats. It’s better than nothing, however.

The iPrimio Cat LitterTrapper Mat conceals litter better than the. Dual-layered mat traps fine and coarse litter better than the Gorilla Grips mat. The mat also conceals the granules beneath the bottom layer. The iPrimio mat is very easy to clean. If your cat is sensitive to the smell of the mat, you should not use it. The honeycomb-shaped holes are ideal for hiding gunk. The manufacturer warns that fabric piping can trap sour smells.


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