Sharing how to play Chan online for beginners

Chan is one of the most popular and loved card games in Vietnam. In fact, the game is definitely not too difficult, although many players think that playing Chan online is somewhat more difficult with many cards and many different calculation methods. Together Niw88 Follow the article below to get more tips and experience in playing online cards effectively.

Instructions on how to play Chan online for newbies

Although the way to play Chan is quite simple for many people, for new players, it is necessary to learn methodically. The following instructions on how to play Chan online will help you better understand the rules of the game, how to play as well as how to calculate basic penalties when playing Chan.

Number of participants in online Chan card game

Basically, as introduced in the beginning, Chan gameplay has two game modes, based on the number of players participating in the first game. The type of secret shield used is the most popular, so the number of players in this type of Chan will usually include 4 people. The total number of cards that will be dealt to each player is 19 cards. The remaining cards when dealt will be placed in the center of the game, also known as the Nocturnal.

How to deal Chan cards online

Specifically in the lessonplay Chan online, the cards will be divided into 5 parts, after dividing there will be about 5 cards left. The player takes these 5 odd cards and combines them with any part of the card to form Venom. Card combinations can be arbitrary or the winner of the previous game is the group. Next, 1 card from the Venom deck will be drawn randomly, placed face down on any part of the remaining 4 cards and forms part of the card.

Then, players must draw cards to determine who plays first and who gets which cards. Specifically, how to play Chan online has four players participating corresponding to positions 1, 2, 3 and 4, arranged in a picture from left to right, ensuring that player 2 and player 4 sit in the same line. cross. Player number 2 draws a seven-thousand card, counting from B as 1, to D as 7. Thus, the main hand belongs to D.

Each remaining player will be dealt cards around the dealer. The right side of the card is dealt to player number 1 (meaning the player to the right of the dealer is player number 4), the next piece is given to player number 2, and the left side is dealt to player number 1. of the card will be dealt to player number 3.

Similar to other types of cards, the arrangement of cards in playing Chan online must create card types including: Chan, three-headed, crow, lame. In particular, two identical cards are called shields, three cards of the same number of different suits are called three heads, two cards of the same number of different suits are called crows, odd cards that cannot be combined together are called lame.

Instructions on how to play Chan online

Instructions for playing Chan indicate that, in the game, players can perform blocking with the following actions:

  • Lead Door: From left to right, this is the door the player has priority to win.
  • Pick Noc: Action of drawing cards from Noc, flipping the cards to enter the lead door.
  • Eat: The act of combining the two cards above and below to form Jack or Chan.
  • Chiu: The act of taking the card under the mat if there are 3 identical cards and at the same time there is a similar card under the mat.
  • Buzz: When all of the player’s cards (19 cards included), including any available cards, combine with a card drawn from the Venom to form a Jack or Chan.

Some situations occur when playing Chan online to redeem prizes

During the game, players will have 30 seconds to perform their operations such as: eating, hitting, picking, yielding, checking. When the 30 seconds are up, the system will yield or the machine will automatically draw cards.
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In this way of playing Chan, the player will be heavily penalized when blocking the escape route before the match ends. Only exit the game when you give up the table to the next person. With this game, you can completely play online on your phone or computer at online bookies.

Good experience playing Chan online from experts

Below are some experiences in playing Chan cards that help bring effectiveness to participants.

Always keep your mind throughout the match

A good mentality will help you control everything in every situation, even the worst. Keeping mentally throughout the match is the secret to any player’s success. If you cannot maintain your spirit after the game is attacked by your opponent, you will easily become discouraged and not want to continue playing.

Understand your own economic conditions

This is a very important way to play Chan online that many people often ignore. Normally, a player who wins continuously will want to continue playing, to earn more money and never know when to stop.

Play, but need to know how much money you played or won. Only then will you know where your stopping point is.

Evaluate the article from the beginning

The strategy “Know others, know yourself, a hundred battles, a hundred wins” is never wrong. In the ways to play Chan, the best way is to observe the cards to determine your buzzing time.

If you don’t evaluate your hand from the beginning, you will easily lose direction and the risk of losing is always unavoidable.


The above article is some basic content on how to play Chan online to win prizes. And playing experiences as well as secrets to help you win.

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