First ever lab-grown coffee produced by scientists in Finland; tastes ordinary

Scientists believe that genetically engineered coffee can help solve some of the sustainability problems faced by the coffee industry.

Researchers from Finland claim to have created the first-ever lab-grown coffee. According to Daily Mail, the researchers also claimed that the newly engineered coffee tastes and smells just like the original.

How is artificial coffee made?

Daily Mail’s report states that scientists from Finland’s VTT Technical Research Centre, Espoo, first collected cell samples from the Arabica coffee plant. These cells were then transferred to growth chemicals called nutrients medium and allowed to multiply.

After the cells have multiplied, they are transferred to bioreactors to produce biomass. After the cells had multiplied, they were transferred to bioreactors for harvesting biomass. The scientists then dried and roasted the biomass, which was then ready to be brewed. Dr Heiko Rischer was part of the experiment and reportedly tasted the coffee.

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The global coffee crisis can be solved by lab-grown coffee

VTT scientists believe that genetically engineered coffee can help solve some of the sustainability problems faced by the coffee industry. Daily Mail reports that lab-grown coffee would reduce the pressure on the forests that need to be cleared for widespread coffee production. According to the report, such production methods are causing the deforestation of sensitive rainforests.

Daily Mail cites a study done by the Japanese Research Institute for Humanity and Nature. It found that four trees are lost each year due to the average American coffee drinker. The same can be said for chocolate, beef, and palm oil-based products.

The VTT scientists are currently awaiting approval from the administrations in order to commercialize their product before 2025. However, artificial coffee must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before it can be sold in the US.

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