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Enhanced Functionality: Programmable IO and External Trigger Flash Support in SmartMoreInside’s USB Industrial Camera

SmartMoreInside‘s USB industrial camera is known for its advanced features that enhance functionality and provide precise control over imaging processes. In this blog post, we will explore two specific benefits of the camera: programmable IO and external trigger flash support. These features enable users to achieve greater flexibility, synchronization, and control in their industrial imaging applications.

Programmable IO for customized control

SmartMoreInside’s USB industrial camera comes equipped with programmable IO, which allows users to customize the camera’s behavior based on specific application requirements. Programmable IO provides the flexibility to control external devices, such as lighting systems or actuators, in synchronization with the camera’s imaging process. This feature enables users to tailor the camera’s functionality to their unique needs, enhancing automation, precision, and efficiency in industrial imaging tasks.

External trigger flash support for synchronized capture

The USB industrial camera from SmartMoreInside supports external trigger flash, ensuring synchronized capture of images. External trigger flash enables precise timing control, allowing users to capture images at the exact moment they require. This is particularly useful in applications where fast-moving objects or dynamic events need to be captured with high accuracy. By synchronizing the camera’s exposure with an external flash source, users can achieve sharp, well-lit images, ensuring reliable and consistent results in demanding industrial imaging environments.

Lossless format output for optimal image quality

SmartMoreInside’s USB industrial camera supports 16-bit grayscale and 48-bit color lossless format output. This high-quality output ensures optimal image fidelity and accuracy. The lossless format preserves all the details and nuances captured by the camera’s sensor, providing rich and precise visual information for inspection, analysis, and quality control purposes. With this level of image quality, users can make informed decisions, detect defects, and perform accurate measurements in industrial imaging applications.


SmartMoreInside’s USB industrial camera offers enhanced functionality through its programmable IO and external trigger flash support. These features provide users with customized control, synchronized capture, and optimal image quality. By leveraging programmable IO, users can tailor the camera’s behavior to their specific application needs, enhancing automation and efficiency. The support for external trigger flash ensures precise synchronization, enabling the capture of fast-moving objects or dynamic events with accuracy. Additionally, the lossless format output guarantees optimal image fidelity, empowering users with detailed visual information for inspection and analysis. With SmartMoreInside’s USB industrial camera, businesses can achieve greater flexibility.

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