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Transform Your Living Space with Akubela’s Smart Home Touch Panel

In today’s fast-paced world, where convenience and security are paramount, Akubela‘s Smart Home Touch Panel emerges as a game-changer in home automation. This innovative device not only redefines the clients’ living space but also adds a layer of intelligence that adapts to their lifestyle seamlessly.

Introducing the Smart Home Touch Panel

The Smart Home Touch Panel by Akubela is a cutting-edge home automation solution designed to elevate your living experience. They provide products such as Hypanel, HyPanel Plus, SmartPanel that can meet all your expectations. They serve as the central hub for all your smart IoT devices, bringing them together under one user-friendly interface. With their sleek design and intuitive touch controls, they effortlessly blends into any modern home.

The Reasons to Choose Akubela’s Smart Home Touch Panel

Enhanced Security: Your family’s safety is a top priority. Their SmartPanel Pro integrates seamlessly with wired and wireless alarm sensors, providing you with real-time security updates and peace of mind.

Family Connectivity: Communication is key to a harmonious family life. This panel allows you to connect with your loved ones effortlessly. From announcing dinner readiness to video chatting with family members in their homes, it fosters stronger family bonds.

Total Control: With Akubela’s SmartPanel Pro, you gain complete control over your smart home devices. Powered by Zigbee 3.0, it offers compatibility with a wide range of IoT devices, allowing you to create customized scenes that suit your daily routines.


Akubela’s Smart Home Touch Panel revolutionizes the way that the clients interact with their smart home. With Akubela’s range of products, including Hypanel, HyPanel Plus, and SmartPanel, they ensures enhanced security, seamless family connectivity, and total control over smart IoT devices. The sleek design and intuitive touch controls of their panels seamlessly integrate into any modern home, creating a harmonious living experience.

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