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Sungrow’s Solution Powers Impressive 60MWp PV Project in Rzezawa, Poland

In the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions on a grand scale, commercial solar systems are making a significant impact. The remarkable 60MWp photovoltaic (PV) project in Rzezawa, Poland, stands as a testament to the power of solar energy harnessed through innovative technology. This ambitious venture showcases Sungrow‘s commitment to driving renewable energy adoption.

Fuse-Free Design and Solar Advancements

At the forefront of solar technology, the Rzezawa project is notable for its fuse-free design, a groundbreaking feat for a project of this magnitude. The decision to incorporate Sungrow’s cutting-edge solutions stems from the company’s reputation for reliability and innovation. This project sets a new standard in the Polish solar landscape, embodying both advanced engineering and a commitment to sustainable energy production.

Scaling Up with String Inverters and MV Stations

To achieve its impressive capacity of 60 megawatts peak (MWp), the Rzezawa project leveraged 24 string inverters and 6.3MVA medium-voltage (MV) stations. Sungrow’s SG250HX inverters and MV stations seamlessly integrated into the system, offering efficient power conversion and distribution. This integration ensures the consistent and reliable flow of renewable energy to the grid.

Sungrow’s Impact: Innovation and Achievement

The completion of the Rzezawa project in 2022 marks a significant milestone in the journey toward sustainable energy solutions. Sungrow’s SG250HX inverters, known for their efficiency and reliability, played a crucial role in converting solar energy into usable power. As the largest Sungrow PV project in Poland, this endeavor showcases the potential for commercial solar systems to revolutionize the energy landscape.


The 60MWp PV project in Rzezawa, Poland, powered by Sungrow’s innovative solutions, is a testament to the transformative potential of commercial solar systems. With its fuse-free design, advanced string inverters, and MV stations, this project sets new standards in the solar industry. Sungrow’s commitment to sustainable energy and its role in this remarkable project demonstrate the company’s dedication to driving the transition toward cleaner, more efficient energy sources. As solar technology continues to evolve, projects like Rzezawa pave the way for a brighter and greener future.

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