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Enhance Construction Efficiency and Safety with GETO’s Aluminium Formwork in Malaysia

GETO‘s aluminium formwork malaysia offers a groundbreaking solution that changes the construction industry. With integrative design capabilities, coupled with the self-climbing platform system, GETO delivers exceptional efficacy and ensures the safety of personnel during the construction process.

Boosting Structural Progress for Superhigh Skyscrapers at Agile Embassy Garden

At Agile Embassy Garden in Malaysia, GETO’s aluminium formwork malaysia plays a crucial role in improving structural work progress. Its integration with the self-climbing platform system allows for exquisite construction of superhigh skyscrapers. By offering a comprehensive solution, GETO enhances productivity and efficiency, enabling timely project completion while maintaining top-notch safety standards.

Ensuring Stability at Tower Heights of 270m and Beyond

The towering heights of the Agile Embassy Garden project bring unique challenges in terms of stability for the self-climbing platform. GETO addresses these concerns by customizing the design. Extra strengthening accessory parts and a steel frame structure are implemented at several connecting points between the aluminium formwork malaysia and the self-climbing platform system. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees stability throughout the construction process, providing a safe working environment for personnel involved.


GETO’s aluminium formwork malaysia stands out as a game-changer in the construction industry. By combining integrative design with the self-climbing platform system, GETO ensures exceptional efficiency and safety for superhigh skyscrapers like Agile Embassy Garden. The customizations made to address stability concerns at towering heights demonstrate GETO’s commitment to excellence. Choose GETO’s aluminium formwork malaysia to uplift your construction projects in Malaysia, and experience enhanced productivity, timely project completion, and peace of mind knowing that safety remains the top priority.

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